A List Of Interesting Spelling Homework Ideas For Middle School

Homework doesn’t have to be always a boring assignment with plenty of reading and writing. It can be a very interesting activity that will help students to learn and even like their home assignment. Spelling homework doesn’t have to be an exception. There doesn’t have to be numerous of tasks to do at home, there can be just one, but a really effective one. Next you will find a list of catching kids’ attention tasks that will definitely stop them from looking on the clock.

  1. 1. Make them write some crazy silly sentences (at least 10-15), using words that they have been studying during the whole week. Encourage the students to be as creative as possible.
  2. 2. Ask you students to draw a picture of every new learned word, and write them in it.
  3. 3. The alphabetical order task may also be very interesting and useful, as students have a chance to refresh the alphabet in their memory. The only thing they will have to do is to place all the new words in the ABC form.
  4. 4. The definition assignment will help not only to memorize the new words, but also remember their meanings. The task sounds like this – write down at least ten new words and write your own definition for each of them.
  5. 5. Practice is the best way to remember something, so ask your pupils to write down the new words for at least three times in a row.
  6. 6. As we live in the information era, pupils will definitely enjoy the following assignment. Ask them to type the new spelling words on a computer and print them out for you to prove the task.
  7. 7. Let your students feel like real poets, by making up a poem with the help of the new words they have learned during the week. They will have to use at least 5 words in their poem.
  8. 8. Tell your pupils to think of a crossword using all the new words and writing their own definitions to them. Solve the best ones in the class with the help of the whole class.
  9. 9. They can also write a story about whatever they want using all the new spelling words. The topic should be free, from the craziest ideas to something really scientific.
  10. 10. And finally, let them become a journalists at least for one day, by giving them an article assignment – ask students to write a short newspaper article with the help of new words.