How To Do Your Homework Quickly: 6 Helpful Techniques

Homework is where students actually do the most learning: it allows you to take what you have learned in class, practice it on your own, and apply it to new contexts, using it in different ways. But more and more, students seem to find themselves with more assignments than they can feasibly get done in time that they have. Not to mention that there are also sports, extracurricular activities, and family obligations competing for their time. So, it is important that students learn to work through their assignments effectively and efficiently in order to get them done quickly but still do a good job on them.

Follow these six helpful techniques to learn to do your homework quickly:

  1. 1. Eliminate phone and internet distractions
  2. The first and easiest thing that you can do is to eliminate as many distractions for yourself when you go to work on assignments. These days cell phone and internet distractions, like text messages and social media and the most common for students. So simply turning your phone on silent and closing out of windows on your internet browser can allow you to focus better.

  3. 2. Create a good environment for concentration
  4. Similarly, you should make as conducive a studying environment for yourself as possible. For example, put on music if it helps you concentrate and make sure you are comfortable and have enough light.

  5. 3. Make a plan
  6. If you have multiple assignments that you need to get through, make a plan for yourself and stick to it.

  7. 4. Start with the easiest subjects
  8. While you are planning, try to start with the subjects and assignments that are easiest for you. This is helpful for several reasons: you won’t get frustrated off the bat, you’ll do a better job on them, and you won’t be left rushing through them at the end.

  9. 5. Set time limits for each assignment
  10. Another part of laying out your plan for working through your assignments is to set time limits for each assignments. You don’t necessarily need to stick to them exactly, but rather think of them as goals. If you think you can get your math assignment done in 45 minutes, then set a timer and try to race it.

  11. 6. Do the problems you know first
  12. A good test taking strategy that you can practice in your homework is to do the problems that you know first, then come back and work through the more difficult ones.