Why Students Should Approach Homework Assignments More Seriously

Homework is a valuable tool when used effectively. Its very helpful in revision pursuits since students are now tasked with completing a task instead of relying on their personal motivation to get them through their studies. Despite the obvious benefits, its a common trend recently that many students and parents alike, are arguing against the practice of homework and wish to have the activity terminated.

In the following points, I will outline 6 reasons why students should consider homework seriously and pursue it more vigorously during their educational careers:

  1. 1. Makes revision easy by providing structure.
  2. Because the majority of the student body around the world has expressed that they dislike getting school work to do at home or at least anywhere but the institutes compound, this issue is not new nor is the public unaware of the consensus. The single most effective argument against this type of thinking is that the extra assignments also serve as a gateway for students to get further experience which may increase their understanding of the topic.

  3. 2. Teachers often guide students in the right direction by encouraging students to research information not in any of the texts.
  4. Another reason that students should get and complete these assignments is that they may acquire a more holistic understanding of the subject matter which in turn can equip the individual student with a greater comfort when working in this field of study. Students and teachers do form a bond that enhances the learning process both in class and otherwise.

  5. 3. Students develop independent working and research skills.
  6. When pupils toil at their academics they learn the formats and syntax layouts that each stage of their curriculum requires and this trained way of thinking is usually carried into the career arena. With skills of tardiness and self management that each diligent pupil may hone as a result of the extra efforts they put into the learning process.

  7. 4. Can encourage networking and social development.
  8. The saying that no one man is an island can be used to describe certain aspects of a students life because it is with the combined help of texts, teachers and peers that provides large amounts of encouragement which can give the student a firmer grasp of the content.

  9. 5. Schools do not provide sufficient student and teacher time together.
  10. Some people like past students, current students and academically interested persons share the view that the structure of the education system does not nurture or maintain a proper learning environment therefore some of the curriculum’s workload should be designed to be done away from school.