How To Handle Your College Homework Assignments: Vital Advice

It’s easy to feel overloaded with homework, and what with having to put the garbage out, feed the dog and download the latest apps, you may feel like you just don’t have the time to fit everything in. Well, if that’s the case, first thing’s first: take a deep breath, take one thing at a time and take a look at my advice to help put you at ease:

Get organized.

The best advice is often the simplest: the key to getting a handle on homework is to get organized. If you have a multitude of assignments, then:

If you’ve made the timetable, organized your projects, researched, written and bought the T-shirt, and yet you are still panicking about the sheer amount of workload, then let’s have a look at your options.

Keep your energy up!

Perhaps you’ve been putting in every spare hour you have, and actually going above and beyond your study plan; well, sometimes this can be counterproductive. You need to make sure you have the brain energy to focus. There’s no point in spending three hours writing something if you’re feeling low, tired and bored with the task at hand. If your energy’s low, then take a break, have a snack and then return to your work. Trust me, you will be able to accomplish in an hour what had been taking three if you look after yourself.

What else?

If you’ve tried every trick in the book and still feel swamped with academic pressure, then talk to someone! Simply getting it all off your chest will certainly help you to feel calmer about it all. Maybe all you need to do is have a moan! Tell how you’re feeling to your dad, sister, friend, teacher… anyone who can lend an ear; and you may be surprised at how much a helping hand they can give too.

Your teacher is definitely worth a visit under such circumstances. It’s possible that you actually are being expected to carry out too much. Once your tutor realizes you are overloaded, they should be able to help. Perhaps an extension can be given. It’s always worth talking your problem through.